The Little Match SELLER Girl

Karlsson Haus, a puppet theatre in St. Petersburg has The Little Match Girl -show in their repertoire since 2019. It is made with the same puppets and design as the old version, but with new actors and directing help from Anna Ivanova-Brashinskaya.

The new version of the show The Little Match Girl got three nominations in three categories in the Golden Mask 2021, Russian National Theatre Award and it won the prize in Puppetry / Best Actor category.



PUPPETRY/BEST DESIGNER: Laura Hallantie and Elina Sarno

PUPPETRY/BEST ACTOR: Olga Dragunova, Asya Galimzyanova, Anatoly Gushchin

Here you can read an interview by me and Elina Sarno.


The old version of the show

I was still a student in Turku Arts Academy when I participated Elina Putkinen’s artistic diploma work Pieni tulitikkutyttö (The Little Match Girl) as a puppet constructor and performer. After graduating we performed this show in many festivals in Finland and abroad.

director and designer: Elina Putkinen
puppets and construction: Elina Sarno, Laura Hallantie and Roosa Halme
performers: Laura Hallantie, Niina Lindroos, Roosa Halme and Sirpa Järvenpää
music and sound design: Roosa Halme
light design: Suvi Auvinen
label of the matchbox, poster and photographer: Antti Suniala

target group: 5+

duration: 40 minutes

Companies: TIP-Connection & Wolf Sign Theatre

Based on H. C. Andersen’s fairy tale The Little Match Girl tells the world famous story about a little girl who is fighting against her destiny. In the darkness of the world she is led on by her powerful imagination, strong will to live and the box of matches inherited from her grandmother. The performance uses real fire, live music and tabletop puppets brought to life by four puppeteers.

The Little Match Girl is artistic diploma work of Elina Putkinen who graduated from Puppet Theatre Department of the Turku Arts Academy. Performers are professionals who graduated from Puppet Theatre Department of the Turku Arts Academy spring 2007 and 2009. Show was performed for the first time in May 2007 at the graduation festival “Fanatic Figuras” in Turku, Finland. After that it has been touring in many festivals in different countries.