Duetto yhdelle

This human-size hare puppet was  build for Reetta Honkakoski’s solo-show Duetto yhdelle (Duet for One).

Duetto yhdelle is a physical story about belonging together: a portrait of a relationship with a shared blood circulation, a relationship where love mixes with hatred and power. It is a portrait of symbiosis. Duetto yhdelle explores care and carelessness. It makes visible the bruises created by mastery.

The piece is a second solo production by actor-mime Reetta Honkakoski. She has previously worked for Helsinki City Theatre and the mime theatre company Theatre de L’Ange Fou in London, amongst others.

director, performer: Reetta Honkakoski
light design: Saija Nojonen
sound design: Tuuli Kyttälä
stagehand: Elina Lajunen
puppet building: Laura Hallantie
producer: Ulrika Vilke
photos: Daniela Sbrisny

Premier: 16.4.2015 @ Teatteri Avoimet Ovet, Helsinki
Other shows: 18.4., 23.4, 25.4.

Before rehearsals started at the summer cottage:


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