Paleleva elefantti

Paleleva elefantti (The Shivering Elephant) is a puppetry performance combining historical adventures, exciting puppetry and questions about animal rights.

We choose to make all the puppets rod puppets, manipulated from below, behind a screen. As a puppet builder, it was very interesting work, because it was a new technique for me.

Photos by Jussi Virkkumaa

Premiere: 10.4.2015 TEHDAS Teatteri, Turku

It’s 1255, and London is buzzing with news of the latest wonderous creature to be brought to the impressive Royal Zoo. Real historical events are the inspiration for a story told with depth of feeling and visual richness, enacted by expressive rod puppets, and played out to the charming cadence of medieval music.

Script and directing: Alma Rajala
Puppets: Laura Hallantie
Scenography: Roman Chauzov
Music: Anneliina Koskinen
Lights: Jarkko Forsman
Performers: Janna Haavisto, Maria-Elina Koivula, Anna Nekrasova ja Lotta Virtanen

Age recommendation: over 6 years
Duration: 2 hours

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Turun Sanomat
critique on Extempore -blog


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