Summer exhibition 30.5.-12.9.2021

Kuparipaja, Fiskars

ONOMA Cooperative of artists, designers and artisans in Fiskars organizes every year a summer exhibition around one theme. The year 2021 Onoma celebrated their 25th anniversary, and therefor locality was the theme of the summer exhibition.

I became a member of Onoma in 2021, after living in Fiskars for two years.

I had seven mixed media sculptures displayed at the exhibition. The materials in my work vary from paper clay, wire, old every-day objects to wood.

The locality meant for me looking into my own world, that was this time full of mermaids, invisible girls and clowns.

Also my DEER performance was part of the summer exhibitions program.

Pictures by Antti-Jussi Rantala

Fiskars is a unique environment where a large number of artists live and work. Majority of the population of the former iron works community works in the creative industries: artisans, designers and practitioners of a variety of art forms. Almost a third of them are members of Onoma, the Cooperative of artists, designers and artisans in Fiskars.

25th anniversary exhibition TÄÄLLÄ | HERE | HERE explored this local unique context and highlights Onoma’s versatility and the artists behind the works.

The local is a theme that during the 2000s has received more and more attention and has been emphasized especially now, in the circumstances in which we have lived since March 2020. Nearly 60 local artists, designers and artisans have, from different points of view, delved into the local as a theme and the significance of the place.


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